Wake County Outlines Implementation of 25% Contract Legislation – The Details Employees Need to Consider

A working group of teachers, administrators, and interest group representatives in Wake County have proposed a process for how  25% of 7,454 teachers, counselors, and specialists  should be identified and offered four year contracts and bonus money in return for surrendering their tenure four years early.    It is likely to be accepted by the Board of Education in the coming weeks, and implementation will begin in February.  Those educators should familiarize themselves with the plan so they might consider how they will respond.

The plan says each of those 7,454 employees are in the “pool” because they have three or more years years experience in the Wake County school system and have no lower than “proficient” ratings on their past evaluations.  It includes anyone paid on the teacher pay scale.

  • All of those in the pool will be sent an electronic form in February or March.  They will be asked if they would like to be considered for one of the four year contracts.  If they do not respond, they will automatically be included.  If they say yes, they might be offered a contract at a later time, and they can decline it at that time.
  • If contracts are offered to an individual and declined, they will not be offered to another employee.
  • Once the pool of candidates are known, evaluations from the past 2 years (the NCEES teacher evaluation instrument) will be analyzed.  Point values will be assigned to  the various levels of the rating system.  For example, “Not Demonstrated” = 1 point, “Distinguished” = 5).  Only standards 1 and 4 will be included.
  • Candidates will get an average rating for each employee by dividing the total number of points earned by the total number of ratings given in the two year time frame.
  • Those ratings will then be compared to each other at the school level.
  • At each school, the 25% of the employees in the pool with the highest average rating will be offered four year contracts.
  • A alternate system for rating employees not evaluated using NCEES was also provided.  They will be considered as a district-wide pool.

When considering the above plan, what ethical and practical considerations does it create for you?  What questions do you have?   Feel free to chime in below and we will dedicate future posts to addressing those concerns.


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