Red4EdNC is Merging With PSFNC – Together We Are Stronger!

Dear Red4EdNC supporters,

After a year of working to inform the public about education issues in NC, we have realized that we cannot also simultaneously do our primary jobs of educating our students.  Thus, we have joined with Public Schools First NC.  As a full-time entity with a staff that can effectively do the research and postings we wanted to do, Public Schools First NC will allow us to focus on education issues through the lens and voice of the teacher.  PSFNC has graciously partnered with us and given us a corner of their newsletter where we will post “teacher-to-teacher” and “teacher-to-parent” articles.  We are looking for activist teachers to write these articles so more voices can be heard with the broader bandwidth that PSFNC has. We also hope to collaborate more with teacher leaders to sustain this message about the crucial role public schools play in the very infrastructure of our society.  Please stick with us, stay informed via Public Schools First NC’s bimonthly newsletters, and get involved in the conversation.  Follow Public Schools First NC on  Twitter @PS1NC and “Like” them on Facebook,!  We look forward to seeing the fruits of this exciting new partnership!


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