The MUST HAVE Teacher Gift This Year

What do NC teachers want MOST this year?  For you to advocate on their behalf.  It will cost you less than a dollar, but it will be priceless to the teacher you honor.  Use the template below to craft your letter in less than ten minutes.  Mail a copy and wrap a copy up and present it to your child’s teacher.  You will be the talk of the teacher’s lounge, guaranteed!  Pass on this idea.  It’s the one gift that means more if you multiply it!


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Your state representative or state senator’s name and address here:

*Send TWO letters – one to your state senator and one to your state house representative.  Find your representative in the NC House of Representatives and NC Senate by typing your address in the proper map at this website and then entering the district numbers below the maps.  Double check that they won re-election by using this website (the state districts are so gerrymandered that very few seats changed hands).

Month Day, Year

Dear  (insert above name here),

I am writing this letter in honor of my child’s teachers, (insert names of teachers) at (insert name of the school).    They are public school teachers in North Carolina.  You are my elected representative in state government and I want you to make the public schools more of a priority in the coming legislative term.

I send my children to public schools because (choose from the reasons below)

  • The teachers are certified and licensed and teach a rigorous curriculum that meets or exceeds national standards.
  • Public schools represent the diversity of our society and best prepare my child to live and work in a diverse and pluralistic society.
  • Public schools ensure that all our citizens have opportunity in society, moving us closer to the goal that America is a meritocracy where hard work pays off and there is not an entrenched social class system.
  • Public schools are not for profit and do not seek to monetize our children.
  • I pay property taxes to fund the public schools, and I want them to be great quality.

To have great public schools, we need great teachers.  The policies of the past few years have made teachers feel disrespected and have made teaching a less attractive career in NC.  This is evident in that (choose from the reasons below)

  • If you enter many of the public schools on a Wednesday, a majority of teachers are wearing red in silent protest against the recent legislation that has been passed in the state legislature.  Their anger and disappointment are visible, and you need to pay attention.
  • Enrollments in Schools of Education in our state universities and colleges are dropping.  Fewer college students are preparing to be teachers.  As a result, Schools of Education will have to downsize their programs or lower their qualifications.
  • Schools are having a harder and harder time finding qualified candidates to fill open positions, and we have more mid-year openings as teachers are leaving the profession altogether.
  • You can see the transformation in the life of a real NC teacher, from being a passionate classroom teacher to a brokenhearted teacher activist. View this documentary trailer from an upcoming film titled “Teacher of the Year”.  Here’s the link:

These trends are evidence that we are on the wrong course.  We cannot have great public schools if the best and brightest students are not entering the profession and the state is unable to retain talented and experienced teachers.  It’s that simple.

I’m watching the teachers.   They are the measure of how the schools are doing.  And right now, I am seeing red.  You can change that in the coming legislative term, and concerned parents like me are taking note.




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