Episode 4 – Advocacy 101

Part of being a good teacher is being an advocate for yourself, your students, and your school.  But sometimes, it’s hard to know just where to start.

Angela Scioli (Red4Ed Founder, NCTVN Fellow), Jessica Benton (NCAE, Organize 2020), and Trey Ferguson (WCPSS Beginning Teacher Network Co-Founder, NCTVN Fellow) talk about their organizations and some of the best ways teachers can advocate for themselves, their students, their schools, and their communities.

If you’re interested in reading more about ways to be a teacher advocate, check out recent Red 4 Ed article “How To Get Past Your Fear and Be an Effective Advocate.”

Hot Four Teachers was recorded in conjunction with Red 4 Ed NC – an education demonstration in progress.  Red 4 Ed is a special project of Public Schools First NC, supporting North Carolina’s public schools through information, education, and engagement.  

Intro/Outro music: Believe in Me (Ryan Little) / CC BY 4.0

You can find Red 4 Ed NC on Facebook or Twitter (@Red4EdNC).  Red 4 Ed is a special project of Public Schools First, NC.  You can visit them online at publicschoolsfirstnc.com or follow them on Twitter @PS1NC.

One Comment  to  Episode 4 – Advocacy 101

  1. Angela Scioli says:

    Alicia! This episode is chock full of interesting content and it’s funny, too! Thanks for pulling us together and providing this great podcast!