Episode 6 – “Just” An Informality?

In this episode – the last of the season – podcast regulars Alicia Whitley and Emmanuel Lipscomb invite JQ Abbey and Allie Mullin to talk about the ins and outs and importance of informal education in encouraging the young and the young at heart alike to have fun and keep learning.

Ranging from publishing memoirs in Governor’s School to the new Hideaway Woods installation at The Museum of Life and Science, the Hot Four Teachers chat about the efficacy of informal learning experiences (like lock-ins at Discovery Place, the Montessori method in and out of the classroom, and rocking out with Girls Rock NC), the role informal education plays in supporting formal education, and even the ways in which the brick-and-mortar classroom can be more like those informal experiences that have stuck with us (and probably will stick with us) for years.

Music: Believe in Me (Ryan Little) / CC BY 4.0

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