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Red4EdNC Board of Directors

 Red4EdNC is an unincorporated non-profit association registered with the NC Secretary of State

Kim Arwood

Kim Arwood

Currently a math teacher, Multicultural Club sponsor, and math team coach at Leesville Road High, Kim is a graduate of the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham, NC, and UNC-Chapel Hill.  She earned National Board Certification in 2011. Before taking time off to be with her two children, she was also a math teacher, coach, and International Baccalaureate Program Coordinator for several years in Durham. She plans to go back to school to pursue a master’s degree once her children finish elementary school. Kim joined Red4EdNC because she believes a high quality public education should be available to every child and that attracting, supporting, and retaining high quality teachers is the best way to provide quality education.


Cassie Blackwelder

Cassie BlackwelderCassie began her teaching career seven years ago as a lateral entry family and consumer science teacher after receiving her undergraduate degree from NC State and working in the private sector. She fills her days at Leesville Road High School advising Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America, organizing Freshman Orientation, and serving as a county lead for a professional learning team. When she’s not anxiously awaiting the results of her National Board Certification, she prefers to unwind with sewing, reading, and sports. Cassie believes educators deserve to be heard as they are the professionals in the field of education and joined Red4EdNC to help make sure those voices are heard.


Matthew Caggia

Matthew CaggiaMatthew began his teaching career in 1994 as a substitute teacher and summer school teacher in Freeport, NY. After receiving his Bachelors of Arts in History and Masters of Science in Secondary Education in 1996, Matt moved to North Carolina and has been a Social Studies teacher at Leesville Road High School ever since. He received National Board Certification in 2002 (renewed in 2012). In addition to his teaching schedule, he has participated in varying capacities at the school, including class advisor, club advisor, and NCWise and now PowerTeacher trainer. In addition to keeping fit as a hockey enthusiast, Matt can be found glued to the TV and occasionally at the PNC Arena catching Hurricanes games with his wife and son. Frustrated with the lack of legislative commitment to public education, he chose to join Red4EdNC to help protect this vital institution by inspiring and motivating other teachers to be the best despite adversity.


Heather Dinkenor

Heather DinkenorAs a graduate of the first Teaching Fellows class at UNC-Chapel Hill (’92), Heather has extended her required four years into 22 years, all in North Carolina.  She first earned National Board certification in English and Language Arts in 2001, earning renewal in 2011.  Recognized as a finalist for Wake County’s Teacher of the Year in 2009, she attributes this accolade to all she has learned from her professional peers at Leesville Road High School, where she has taught for the last 19 years with her husband, 32-year teaching veteran and soccer coach Paul Dinkenor.  Aside from reading, crosswords, and (not enough) exercise, her two children fill her days with soccer and piano lessons.  Heather joined Red4EdNC to educate others on overcoming obstacles facing NC teachers and to help other educators feel supported in these challenging times.

Angie Scioli

AngieScioli-ThumbnailAngie has taught Social Studies at Leesville Road High School since graduating as a NC Teaching Fellow from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1993. Recognized as Wake County’s First Year Teacher of the Year in 1994, and as then her school’s Teacher of the Year in 1999, she went on to earn her master’s degree in 1999 and National Board Certification in 2001 (renewed in 2011). In 2012, she piloted the “flipped classroom” model of instruction at her school and helped establish and fund Leesville’s first endowed scholarship. One day, when her small children, messy household and supportive husband require less attention, she will return to being an avid runner. She initiated Red4EdNC because she wanted to protest recent legislation while inspiring teachers to continue instructional excellence in their classrooms.

James “Trey” Ferguson
Displaying ferguson.jpgJames “Trey” Ferguson began teaching math at Leesville after graduating as a Teaching Fellow from North Carolina State University. Aside from being a co-adviser to the Executive Council, he spends much of his time working within the realm of teacher empowerment and advocacy. He is  a North Carolina Teacher Voice Fellow, a Hope Street Fellow, and a co-founder of the Beginning Teacher Network of Wake County. He is passionate about raising the bar of understanding on what it means to be a teacher in order to help elevate the profession and close the gap between student achievement and performance.

Nancy Mosley

Mosley finalAs a social studies teacher and Model United Nations team adviser, Nancy Mosley has been a member of the Leesville family since her graduation from both the University of North Carolina and Wake Forest University in 2004. A North Carolina native from Wilmington, she became National Board Certified in 2009. When not teaching, she spends time with her two young children and her husband who is a teacher in Cary. She participates in Red4Ed in order to be a part of the conversation on education and to speak out against the challenging situation teachers face in North Carolina.

Alicia Whitley
Displaying whitley222.jpgUpon graduation from the University of North Carolina as a NC Teaching Fellow, Alicia Whitley began teaching in 2007. Before teaching English at Leesville Road High School, she taught in Orange, Buncombe, and Granville counties and was even a science educator at the Morehead Planetarium. When not teaching, she spends time with her husband and 4-year-old daughter. Her decision to be a part of Red4Ed is similar to her decision to become a teacher; she wants to be the change she wants to see in education. Finding the power in her voice also led her to begin the “Hot Four Teachers” Podcast, available in the header menu of this website.

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  1. Barry Nakell says:

    Dear Ms. Scioli,

    Thank you for the column in the N&O this morning!!!
    I think teachers are the most important folks in our society and we entrust our most precious children to your care. I see clearly your enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to your job dripping from every word in your column. If I had the talent to relate to kids the way you do, that is what I would like to do. Instead, like most folks, I need to rely on you and your colleagues to care for our future. With little appreciation, especially, as you say, from the legislature, and very little compared to what you deserve!!! Thank you!!!

    Barry Nakell

  2. Richard says:

    Ms. Scioli,

    In the opinion piece published in the N&O on February 22, 2015, the headline stated the following:
    “7 Where North Carolina ranks in states that have decreased education funding”

    I don’t know if you or the headline editor wrote that line but I do not understand what it signifies.

    Does it mean we rank 7th from the top or 7th from the bottom and how many other states are in this category?

    It would be interesting to see over the past five or ten years, a listing of all states, their inflation-adjusted per pupil spending trend and the impact on any available measure of academic performance. I understand many teacher’s aversion to testing, but perhaps the average SAT score might be the only available and comparable measure of performance of students by stated.

    I will appreciate a clarification of the meaning of that “statistic”.


    • says:

      Hi Richard,

      I apologize for not responding to this comment in a more timely fashion. I did not write that element of the layout. I would contact the N&O with your question and suggestion.

      Thanks for reading the article and for your interest in public education!


      Angie Scioli

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  5. Betsy Allen says:

    Thank you for the important message you gave to our state in the News and Observer column you wrote today about needed resources for your students.

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